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Ζώα που έχουν σπόνσορα

Όνομα: clio

Sponsored από:

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Όνομα: Bibo

Sponsored από: Simon Boe Bogsted

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Bibo is being sponsored by Simon Boe Bogsted from Sweden. 

Όνομα: Lucie

Sponsored από: Heidi Hautala

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Lucie is being sponsored by a Finnish member of The European Parliament Heidi Hautala and her office.

Όνομα: Bonnie

Sponsored από: Kate and Paul

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A lovely couple from the UK...they also sponsored Bertie Bassett before his adoption to a forever home..

Όνομα: Harley

Sponsored από: Marie Celeste

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Marie loves to visit the animals at the shelter when on Kefalonia

Όνομα: Mick the Lick

Sponsored από: Peter Bakker

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Mick is a firm favorite as he likes to lick everyone !   The shelter has been  very lucky to have the support of Peter's son Denny and his wife Marian who volunteered and fund raised for the animals....

Όνομα: Solo

Sponsored από: Simone Wijnands

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Simone has been a volunteer at the Ark shelter....she fell in love with Solo

Όνομα: Mask

Sponsored από: John Sowter

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John and his wife Felicity support/visit  the shelter when on the Island   They adopted Bertie Bassett.

Όνομα: Bonno

Sponsored από: Gerry Livadas

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Bonno is one of the lucky dogs, who got a very nice sponsor!